Personal Training

Personal and Private Training Programs

ALL IMAGES ©KIMKRUER2011Master Sun Park is a certified personal trainer with expertise in the areas of fitness, strength training, flexibility, cardio and martial arts that goes beyond what most other health clubs offer.

He will motivate and guide you personally through an exercise program that will be designed specifically for you.



Major advantages of a personalized program are:

  • Personal assessments that screen and evaluate your needs and objectives which include measuring body composition, flexibility, cardiovascular testing and consultations.
  • Safe, effective exercise program design specifically for you.
  • Clients learn the correct techniques to avoid injury.
  • Immediate response to questions that arise.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced exerciser, Master Park will motivate and direct you in achieving and maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle change.

Goal setting is the most important component of an effective exercise program. Master Park is committed to helping you map out a course of action to help you reach your fitness goal.

Each workout is 50 minutes and consists of either: TaeKwonDo, fitness assessment, strength training, cardiovascular training or a combination.

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References are available upon request.